Gypsy-chick journeys   

I'll always  appreciate this commercial for various reasons, but the main take-away: ANYONE can (and should) go wherever they want to...with or without a monkey, parent, spouse, motive or destination. 

Peers are sometimes intrigued when I go great distances alone. But why? Perhaps it's 'not the norm' for an "uncommon"woman (like Dora) to crave untethered adventures by herself. My Late "Gypsy" 

Grandma visited several continents, returning treasures from Asia, Australia and her native country Hungary. 

I believe 'wanderlust' is genetic... 

and it's a South Bronx Girl's turn! :)

Never take SEEING YOUR WORLD for granted.

Never get so jaded that you're no longer thrilled.

 Keep getting AWAYY.

Now you can go WITH me!

Awayy is our new ground-control center!  

As I enjoy building websites, editing video clips and including tunes from a collection, I combine the beauties of writing, photography, videography and music to recount my little sojourns. Rolling solo is simple, natural, spiritual, yet I carry the souls of others in my heart on each quest.

In addition to the positive, fun space you're visiting now... Also enjoy and

Check out Coldplay vid (next door)"Adventure Of a Lifetime".

Outside the cozy boxes we create for ourselves-who are we? 

The truth of our character is revealed through travel. -Orenda Ayashe